Jill Clay


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What People Are Saying:

Rick Starrett
Executive Pastor

Trinity United Methodist Church

 "Jill is a wonderful resource in achieving extraordinary outcomes by putting people and purpose at the heart of business. A successful businesswoman and coach with a servant’s heart, she passionately brings her years of experience in sharing what she has found to be successful leadership strategies. My growth as a leader has been a very personal journey and Jill has uniquely constructed my specific needs for success. Working with Jill has empowered me to acquire the skills, mindsets, and behaviors I need for creating the impact I want. Her coaching has been vital to me! I highly recommend coaching with Jill."


Bill & Jan Klosterman

Ace Hardware

"As retail business owners, we have collaborated with Jill for over 30 years. She has provided us with exceptional consultation from her years of experience and expertise in HR. Her vision in developing and coaching others through problem solving and decision making provided us assurance to succeed our growing business. Her passion to help others, integrity, and knowledge in business has helped guide us on our road to success."


Gina Thomas
Lab Manager

Cosmetic Dental Artistry Lab

 "I always look forward to conversations with Jill. She has unique insight and discernment to help me prioritize what is important in my life both personally and professionally. Her valuable perspectives provide direction that is always on target. She has been a vital resource to my growth and development."


Brian T. Hamilton
Senior Pastor

Transformed Life Church

"Jill is first class. I’ve had the opportunity to work directly with Jill and experience her knowledge, skills and leadership insight. Her many years of experience in the corporate arena mixed with her pleasantry gives you an experience a cut above the rest. I look forward to working with her again!"

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